Intermediate Advanced

Red Pagoda Asian Style

This Japanese style Pagoda is a layered painting, you will practice your brush technique for dry brush and blending. You will be able to paint bushes, grass, trees, and a snow storm. It's a modern piece with a realistic subject and an impressionist back and foreground. The video is broken up into 5 parts, each approximately 20 minutes long. There will be drawing on the canvas of the Pagoda. Suki Willoughby will guide you from start to finish. You will receive and email with a photo of your drawing along with email access to ask questions.

Red Tree Tops-Forest

This painting makes a beautiful red statement and has a wonderful vibration quality due to the many layers of tones added to create a finer art piece. You will learn the importance of layering and how to use certain brush techniques. Lots of paint mixing. The video is broken up into 5 parts which are approximately 20 minutes each. Suki Willoughby will help you from start to finish and once the purchase is made you will have email access to her. Bring this magnificent painting into your life!