Abstract Forest

This abstract Acrylic Painting is perfect for students who need to cut loose and paint outside the lines!!
Sky, water and forest feelings dance across the canvas. You will learn to use your brush in several ways, take your time
and re-watch parts that you need to focus on. The video details are comprehensive outlining which brushes and paints to mix.
Subtitles are included. The Video is broken up in 2 parts for easy problem free downloads.

Red Tree Tops-Forest

This painting makes a beautiful red statement and has a wonderful vibration quality due to the many layers of tones added to create a finer art piece. You will learn the importance of layering and how to use certain brush techniques. Lots of paint mixing. The video is broken up into 5 parts which are approximately 20 minutes each. Suki Willoughby will help you from start to finish and once the purchase is made you will have email access to her. Bring this magnificent painting into your life!

Young Aspens in Yellows and golds

Young Aspen Acrylic is a lay it down and leave it there type of painting. It's modern with an impressionistic design. It is a layered piece and the technique is easy and fun. You will learn how to use many different brush techniques and how to create a vibrational quality in your painting that feels like true nature.The colors are bright and cheery. The course is broken up into 4 parts of approximately 22-30 for each part. Suki Willoughby will guide you from start to finish and once the purchase is made you will have email access to ask questions.

Purple Southwestern Skies

This Southwestern Landscape is 2 hours and 13 minutes. It is broken up into 6 parts and each part is approximately 20 min each. This painting is is a modeling/impressionistic painting style. It is a layered painting with a large sky and small foreground. You will start with the Sky.